WA DSR – Sport Sustainability Seminar


Thanks for attending the course in Perth on 25th March, 2013 at Perth Zoo. This page and its sub pages on the right hand menu contain the material from the trainer’s powerpoint presentation.

Sports and Sustainability

The sports sector has an opportunity to both reduce its negative operational impacts and to add a powerful voice to supporting sustainable development and changing attitudes and behaviours. From simple acts such as reducing waste volumes, recovering resources and reducing energy consumption, to societal impacts such as community cohesion and tackling racism and hooliganism.

Traditionally we have talked about environmental sustainability and when looking at economic sustainability we are looking at the financial viability of our activities. Sustainability in sport means those things, along with legacy components such as enhancing uptake of the sport and ensuring that the sport is enjoyed for generations to come.

However when we wind the concepts of sustainable development into sports, we unpack a whole range of additional issues. Click through to read more about sport sustainability issues here.

Sport and sustainability has traditionally been tackled at a facility level. There are profit, reputation and resource scarcity issues motivations which have driven facilities to address sustainability. Progressing sustainability in sport past the physical management of facilities to include a full breadth systems wide approach with changing behaviours at its core is the next phase for the sector.

Sports Settings

Sports events take place across a range of settings including:

  • Major Arenas
  • Indoor Sports
  • Aquatic Centres
  • Outdoor Sports Precincts
  • Streets & Tracks
  • Parks & Open Spaces
  • Marine & Waterways