Site Transport

Moving equipment, supplies, infrastructrue and people around your site will also contribute to the final transport impact of the event.

Plant and Machinery
Consider having vehicles that can run on either 100% waste vegetable oil biodiesel or a diesel/biodiesel blend. Any vehicles that can run on mineral diesel will be able to run on this fuel. Note that you will probably need to use biodiesel that meets your country’s fuel standard in order to maintain vehicle warranties.

Plant and machinery such as telehandlers, forklifts, trucks, tractors, diggers etc, should all be able to run on a biodiesel blend.

Site Transport
Electric golf carts are easily available to hire and are a wonderful silent and calming alternative to petrol ones. They do of course need re-charging by electricity, but that isn’t a problem if you are hooked up to green power on your mains or running generators on sustainable biofuels

  • If you have an office car, consider using a hybrid or an electric vehicle.
  • Use hybrid or electric vehicles for pace cars or lead vehicles in races.


Site Bikes
An excellent sustainable option for onsite transport are bikes. Supply site bikes to crew so they can get around quickly without being tempted to jump in a vehicle or cart.

Horse or Oxen & Cart
It may sound ridiculous but many events do move stuff around the event site this way. Of course many developing nations do use beasts of burden in their city-wide transport, so this should be a natural way to move stuff onsite.

Promote Sustainable Transport

  • Match up branded biodiesel suppliers with plant and machinery suppliers to have a high profile roll out of the fleet in conjunction with your show. (generators, tractors, etc).
  • Get a bike brand to supply site bikes for your crew to move about on.
  • Approach ‘green’ vehicle manufacturers – of hybrid cars, electric vehicles or biofuel vehicles to sponsor your event. Use their vehicles in conjunction with the event, to move participants, staff, or for onsite movement.