Event Sustainability Management System Steps

A management system is a set of interrelated or interacting elements of an organization to establish policies and objectives, and processes to achieve those objectives.

The scope of a management system may include;

  • the whole of the organization
  • specific and identified functions of the organization
  • specific and identified sections of the organization
  • or one or more functions across a group of organizations.

An Events Sustainability Management System offers a framework to systematically manage sustainability issues in event production.

It is not:

  • Calculating the carbon footprint of an event
  • Trying to be carbon neutral or offsetting.

Seek commitment: Top management to designate roles and responsibilities to facilitate effective event sustainability management. The organisation must commit to providing the required resources including staffing, expertise, training, infrastructure, technology and finance.

Identify issues
Identify sustainability issues relevant to the production and staging of the event.

Set objectives
Set objectives for sustainability performance of the event.

Establish policy
Develop a sustainability management policy which defines the principles to which the organisation adheres.

Identify & engage stakeholders
Identify & engage stakeholders who can impact, influence or effect the sustainability  performance of an event.

Identify and manage issues and establish, implement and maintain operating procedures for those activities critical to the successful implementation of the sustainable event management system.

Provide resources and competencies
Provide resources and competencies to  those within the event team and supply chain responsible for purchasing and operational decisions which may impact the sustainability of the event.

Manage the supply chain
Manage the supply chain so contractors and product suppliers offer the event solutions to make it more sustainable and so they participate in the sustainability initiatives of the event.

Maintain communications
Maintain communications with all relevant   stakeholders, both internal and external to the event, which can participate in, influence or effect the sustainability of the event.

Document the system
Document the system, including sustainability initiatives, engagement and communication with stakeholders, policies, procedures, strategies and tactics.

Monitor and evaluate
The effectiveness of the sustainability strategy for the event including engagement and behaviour change of all stakeholders, along with the measurement of those impact areas which can be metrically reported.

Management review and continual improvement planning
Management review and analysis of the strategies used to produce the event sustainably, the results of the efforts and how they can be altered and improved upon for future events.