Sustainable Destinations

Reviewing the potential event destination’s engagement with sustainable development can include investigating elements such as:

  • What is the primary energy supply?
  • How is waste managed?
  • Are there water scarcity issues?
  • Is there a well developed public transport system?
  • Is there produce available locally, and are sustainable agricultural practices embraced?
  • Does the destination have the raw materials, supplies, products, contractors, services providers, talent, staff and specialists necessary to provide the event with the goods and services it will need?
  • Does the destination require continual heating or cooling to make human habitation comfortable?
  • How does the destination protect biodiversity and natural environments from encroachment by development and human activity?
  • Does the destination have acceptable health & safety, labour rights and human rights standards?
  • Is urbanization and industrialization sustainably planned and managed?
  • How does the destination engage and support community?
  • Are dealings within government and business carried out with integrity, transparency and anti-corruption procedures in place?
  • Are the destination’s citizens actively engaged with sustainability principles?
  • Does the destination have sustainability or environmental programs, standards or eco-labels to independently assess performance of products, services, processes and buildings.

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