Objectives and Targets

Setting objectives, targets and performance indicators will give your event a measure against which to gauge success. 

If you are in the first year of data and performance gathering you will need to establish a baseline from which to measure your performance. Along with implementing some initiatives, your main aim in the first year of tackling sustainability could be a thorough diagnostic process and measurement of current impacts.

Performance Indicators

Setting your aims, objectives and targets will align with the indicators of performance you have identified as barometers to your sustainability success. Access the Global Reporting Initiative’s Event Organiszers Sector Supplement to read what performance indicators may be relevant for your event.

Objectives and targets could be based upon:

  • purposes and values of the organisation
  • policies of the organisation
  • consideration for sustainability issues
  • regulation, legals and other requirements
  • financial and business requirements
  • legacy potential
  • consideration for sustainable alternative solutions
  • the greatest improvement practically possible

Certainly they should include measurability – with metrics included.

Examples of objectives are:

  • reduce total waste created
  • reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • increase direct economic benefit to the host community

Examples of targets are:

  • reduce total waste created by 10%
  • increase cycling to the event by attendees to 20% of total attendees
  • 50% of sourcing expenditure is with companies with sustainability practices in place