4. Stakeholders

This subject works through identifying and engagement all stakeholders critical to the successful of your sustainability plans.

The production of most events relies on the coming together of many stakeholders external to the core event production organisation. Having these many stakeholder groups engaged in the process of producing the event sustainably will be pivotal to the success of your plans.

By purposefully planning the recruitment of the stakeholders into your events sustainability plans, you will be much closer to success than without their participation. The communication and engagement process will also have the twin benefit of educating your event’s stakeholders with the deeper issues around sustainability and hopefully ignite their active participation in developing solutions alongside you.

Stakeholders may include individuals and groups both inside and outside the organisation that have some direct interest in the event’s planning, production and implementation, or in participating in it.

  • Event Organiser – event owner, event management company, partners, sponsors, funders and investors.
  • Employees and Workforce – including volunteers, contracted crew, and staff supplied by contractors or labour hire firms. All levels of the organisation
  • Supply Chain – venue, product and service suppliers. It could also include emergency services, fire, ambulance, safety, and security. This could also include sponsors.
  • Participants – speakers, performers, athletes, exhibitors, contestants, traders.
  • Attendees – customers, audience, fans, spectators, visitors, delegates.
  • Regulatory Bodies – local authority/municipality, licensing authorities, police, state/federal government and their departments, agencies and bureau.
  • Community – local community and neighbourhood including indigenous people, NGOs, media, protestors. It could include sector interest organizations (industry bodies) and networks; consumer and/or environmental groups.

Getting commitment from top management and engagement by the team for the event’s sustainability journey is essential.

Top management need to be onboard so your efforts are supported with allocation of time, people, budget or other resources which might be needed to get going. If the idea to ‘go sustainable’ doesn’t have buy-in from the boss, you may find it difficult to gain traction.

Who else is on board?
Form a team around you to get going on the road to sustainability. It’s a confident and enthusiastic team embracing sustainability that will lead to improved performance.


Access the Events Sustainability Roadmap and fill out the form on commitment, engagement and identifying stakeholders. Go to the form.