Purchasing Renewable Energy (mains)

Large-scale green energy producers along with a myriad of small producers send their excess energy to the grid. On the grid the lovely clean green electrons get mixed up with the dirty polluting ones.

Power retailers offer a ‘green energy’ option. They buy the green energy delivered to the grid from the producers, or are in fact green energy producers and retailers themselves.

Through switching to green energy you’re supporting the development of renewable energy production. By adding to this development and also to the overall demand, governments will be encouraged to increase their targets for total renewable energy reaching the grid.

Producing green energy results in measurable benefits through reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and air pollutants. Of course there is also the added benefit of the reduction in use of non-renewable resources and the reduction in the production of hazardous waste by-products.

If you own your venue, or are advising your event’s venue to switch to green energy, check for an accreditation scheme for renewable energy in your country to make sure you’re switching to a good green energy source.

In Australia:
Renewable energy is produced in Australia through wind, solar, mini-hydro, and biomass which is then supplied to the mains grid. This renewable energy can then be purchased through electricity retailers by choosing a GreenPower accredited renewable energy tariff.

When you choose to buy a GreenPower product, the few cents extra you pay  to your electricity account each day is invested in the renewable energy sector.

When purchasing a renewable energy tariff, there is a choice of the % of power which comes from renewable sources, for example 100% or just 20%. Indicate what percentage of mains electricity supply is from renewable sources. This figure has an impact on the final CO2 emissions for the event.

If you have no control over the mains electricity you may choose to access renewable power independently through the purchase of GreenPower for Events.

In Canada