Transport Communications & Engagement

Strategies should be used to encourage event participants to walk, cycle, use public transport and carpool. For those who must fly, the purchase of carbon offsets should be are encouraged. 

Strategies are also in place to encourage event participants who require freighting of equipment and supplies to take up sustainable options.

Education and messaging about sustainable transport, travel and event commuting should be in place for:

  • Attendees (audience, delegates, spectators)
  • ∙Stallholders/exhibitors
  • Bar operators
  • Caterers
  • Staff & Crew
  • Performers/talent/speakers/VIPs
  • Service contract providers

As travel to the event by audience, attendees and spectators is likely to be the largest GHG emissions impact, the importance in effectively communicating to and engaging uptake of sustainable transport options is recognised as highly important.

Effort and details is put into communications programs to encourage walking, cycling, public transport, carpooling and air travel offsetting by event attendees.

Look to local and national programs to promote sustainable travel options.  

Letting all that will be travelling to your event know well in advance what the transport options are is essential to influencing their decisions.