Sustainability Policy

The Sustainability Policy for the organisation and/or event should indicate your commitment to sustainable development and describe your pathways to sustainability.

  • Sustainable development principles
  • Commitment to sustainability, resourcing and staff.
  • Consultation process and training of staff and education of key stakeholders.
  • Statement of goals or objectives.
  • Description of the key sustainability indicators that performance will be measured against.

A commitment to leadership in sustainable development of events should be proportionate to the size and potential influence of the organization.

Leadership may involve implementation of new sustainability practices or promotion of sustainable development through relevant communications.

It should then have an overview on the key issues areas:

  • Resource consumption and purchasing
  • Energy, Transport, Waste, Water, Light & Sound
  • Ecological and heritage¬† sensitivity & conservation
  • Venue and destination issues
  • Labour issues, including direct and supply chain
  • Human rights
  • Transparency, ethics and anti-corruption

The sustainability policy should then go on to detail how the following will be undertaken:

  • Compliance with targets
  • Auditing
  • Monitoring and review


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