Venue Checklist

Use the following questions to assess a venue’s sustainability credentials.

Commitment to and Communicate Sustainability:

  • Do you have a greening committee or staff member with coordinating responsibility for overseeing sustainability efforts at the venue?
  • Do you communicate to staff, the venue’s sustainability goals and initiatives?
  • Does the venue have a sustainability policy and strategy in place?
  • Has the venue successfully achieved any environmental or sustainability accreditation?


  • Do you have a sustainable procurement policy for goods and services?

Building Energy Management:

  • What does the venue do to reduce energy use?
  • Is the venue on a green electricity tariff?
  • Do you monitor and report your building’s energy use?

Waste Management:

  • What activities does the venue undertake to prevent waste being created?
  • Which materials are sent for recycling?
  • Is biodegradable waste collected separately and sent for composting/anaerobic digestion?
  • Are waste volumes monitored?
  • What are average rates of recycling, composting or diversion from landfill?
  • Have you calculated an average weight of waste per audience member and if so, what is it?

Water Management:

  • What does the venue do to reduce water use?
  • Do you measure your venue’s water use?
  • What is the average volume of water per person for the venue?

Audience Travel:

  • Is the venue easily accessible by public transport?
  • Is the use of public transport or carpooling promoted?
  • Is cycling encouraged and is safe bike parking available at or close-by the venue?
  • Do you track, monitor, measure and report audience transport impacts?

GHG Emissions

  • Does the venue measure its greenhouse gas emissions?
  • If so, what is included in the scope of measurement?
  • Do you publically report/disclose the venue’s carbon emissions?

Carbon Offsets

  • Does the venue support any ‘carbon offset’ schemes to compensate for the emissions produced at the venue?