10. Energy & Emissions

This subject investigates powering an event, and how to reduce resulting Greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) emissions.

Producing power for your event causes greenhouse gas emissions, produces harmful pollution and uses up precious non renewable resources. Reducing power consumption and looking for alternative ways to provide power to the event are the pathways to sustainability.

Although an extremely important element in the sustainability formula for your event, we should reflect on that fact that rather than powering your event, it’s likely most of the CO2 emissions are puffed out of the exhausts of planes, trains and automobiles used to transport people and players to and from the show.

Nonetheless, plugging in and powering up is a big part of any event and ensuring the most sustainable plans are in place for power consumption is your responsibility.

GHG emissions are predominantly created through the combustion of fossil fuels to generate energy or for transport.

Innovation in new ways of powering our lives is moving rapidly and events can take advantage of this burgeoning field.

Most events will have energy requirements. Power is required for stages, stallholders, caterers, bars, site lighting, site offices and dressing rooms. The total energy consumed has a direct and measurable impact on the total greenhouse gases (GHG) produced by our events.

Event energy is supplied through;

  • Mains Supply (electricity & gas)
  • Portable power generators
  • Bottled gas

Energy In Action

You are encouraged to use the event as a showcase in sustainable energy production.

Your event can be an example of sustainability energy management. To further promote sustainable energy options, consider the following:

  • Invite solar power providers that sell domestic solar power solutions to sponsor or provide the solar power. Often the same contractor will supply wind turbines as well.
  • Look for companies which market  zero energy products such as solar power phone chargers, hand pump torches, dynamo chargers to put on bikes, etc, that can be used at your event and by the audience at home.
  • Invite an energy saving light bulb supplier to sponsor, as well as supply lighting solutions.
  • Set up solar power charging stations for mobile phones.